• Carli Perkins

to the girl doing it all

hi ladies.

to me, this time of the year, i have never felt busier. i know everyone else feels the same way. like it's never ending, overwhelming and so stressful. like you just can't add another thing to your plate. BUT they keep piling up and will too.

as someone who struggles with stress and anxiety it seems like the world is never going right. giving you what you really need but don't understand it at the time. like it wants to see you fail. i'm sure you know how it feels. keeping your home clean, grocery shopping, taking care of dogs OR babies!, working two or more jobs, paying bills, planning a wedding, getting gifts together for any event or holiday, and scraping up money to pay for school while trying to pay for a wedding is all too much. people tell you, "honey, it'll all come together, don't worry." but, to those girls, they just can't see that. they see the giant cloud of never ending thoughts going over their head and a never ending list of everything you have to do.

being one of those girls that feels like they're doing it all; it. is. hard. shoot, i thought high school was hard. i was that girl. the one who was worried about her grades and the outfit i was going to wear to school the next day. now, i'm the girl who has to put 10 minutes in her OCD schedule to wash her face or else my whole day falls apart.

to that girl, i hear you, i understand you. i get what you're going through. whether you be a girl, mommin' and struggling to figure out how you're going to make it through the next day on zero hours of sleep and function at work and thinkin' of your baby. whether you're the girl who is so headstrong and dedicated to your school work that you can't make time for out of school activities and struggle with maintaining your friendships. or the girl who is house wifing, working and maintaining your own home. it'll get better. you most definitely don't see it now, but God has got a plan to put you through all of this so your hard work pays off.

to that girl who really is doing it all, you're a gift. you're a strong woman and we're all going through something in some way. we're all the same. we're equal and we're superwoman.

so, to that girl who feels as though they can never get anything done because it's never ending it seems to be more than you can take, or as though you're just not enough. that you can't be up to parr. just know you're not alone. you are good enough. and you're exceeding the standards. you can do this. you're a BA woman and i see you. you've got it all, girl.




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