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to my dad


you're an awesome human. thank you.

sometimes you see articles about dads leaving and thanking their mommas for being there when no one else was. but, i can make one thanking my dad for being there when my mom left. and for that, i am thankful.

most of everyone knows my dad and they know that he's a pretty outstanding guy, works hard, and a great leader. and most know my childhood and know how much my dad has done for me. there isn't much more that i could say other than thank you, and i love you.

my dad has been my best friend since the day that i was born. if you look back, most pictures of me when i was younger, were with my dad. i cried when he was working and worried when he left for fire calls. to be honest, i stood by the door the entire time he was gone. i still cry when i leave my dad to go on trips. being away from my dad was hard for me. i had a pretty good childhood and for that i am thankful. but, when things took a turn for the worse between my parents relationship, my dad had every reason to walk away from everything. instead, he chose me. he chose to give me to most normal, best life that i could have ever asked for. we have gone through a lot of things together that most father and daughter wouldn't have even thought of. in all reality it was just him and i.

my dad will tell you, and maybe this is just me believing i'm the best child he could have ever gotten, but that i am the reason he changed. bettered his ways. when about a better lifestyle. you would think that sometimes having a child so young (19 to be exact), that you could use that as an excuse to be an absent parent, to not try your best. but, my dad has given me everything i've needed and most of the time everything i've wanted. we like to blame that on the "only child" saying. but with that, he also taught me how to be humble with all of the blessings that we have been given. to not let materialistic things define you and who you are. he taught me my work ethic. that you have to earn what you get. you don't just get it. he basically taught me how to be a penny pincher.

when my parents got divorced, it wasn't always easy. sometimes it felt as though my parents turned into two different people. my dad learned that sometimes having the picture perfect life doesn't always end up the way that you thought and my mom turned into someone that i really didn't know. everyone changes in situations like that and i can't blame either of them. he taught me from this situation on how to be the bigger person. to not let these things keep me bitter. to not talk badly about others. i was old enough to see both personalities when this happened and to see how much my dad had changed from this experience. he took it as a learning curve and sometimes didn't always handle it the best way, but to work through it in a way that he knew how and that it was okay to be hurting. basically throughout this whole experience, i learned that no matter what, my dad has got my back. and i've learned to have his.

i would never be the person that i am today without my dad and i see myself in him more and more every day. my dad's validation meant more to me than any others. if my dad was disappointed in me, i knew that i needed to change. my dad always kept it real whereas others were definitely pretty darn fake and that's part of the reason that i chose my dad to be my bestie. my dad has been there for me when no one else was, he was literally the only person when i felt like i had no one. the one that i look up to like a saint even though i know he's not. the one that i still confide in when there's a situation that i just am not sure of how to react. the person that i go to when Justin and i are disagreeing because my dad was there once, and he can teach me how to react better and how to make better choices than what my parents did when they were married. the person i call to ask if it's safe for me to drive somewhere. the person i hangout with when i'm bored. i swear i've seen him more now that i moved out than when i lived in his house. i've taught him that sometimes leaving work and life for a week is okay. to take a trip and get out of town. the one that i admire so much because it takes a special person to risk their life everyday to save others. (for all of you, i am thankful). it's not easy being the daughter of the fire chief, but you always made time for me.

i can without a doubt say that i would be such a different person if i did not have my dad. he has taught me so much and the person that i am today is because of him. some really just don't like him, or sometimes like the decisions he makes (trust me, i get that). but, that's okay. because you just don't truly know who he is and for that i am sorry because he really is a remarkable person. the best person. an inspiring person. and my favorite person (besides Justin). i am so thankful for you, dad. i am so proud to call you my dad and so proud of everything you accomplish. thank you for making me who i am. for being there when people left. for choosing to be a better dad for me.

i love you, daddio.




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