• Carli Perkins

new year, new me?


is it just me or does it seem to be a common theme with every year the holidays come around, people indulge in sweets and food just "not so good for you" and then they start the tradition of, "after the first. new year, new me!".

they plan to wake up early on the first, go to the gym, bust their butt and only eat some carrots and a salad to get to the way that they want to be. but, come on. we all know that these traditions only last no more than a couple weeks. do you really need to use the gym and extreme diets to use the phrase, new year, new me?

for me, i used that term two years ago. woke up at 5am, went to the gym, busted my butt, and since then.. i couldn't stay away. it felt good at first. but then i was addicted. i couldn't get away from what was keeping me there. i was using this as a life changer like most do. it's hard to say to everyone that you're going to change this year and then all of a sudden say that you're done with it. i didn't want to let myself down. except, i did let myself down. i let myself lose my self-esteem, lose all my weight, lose my hair, lose my friends and lose myself. all over the phrase, new year, new me.

what i don't think that people understand is that you can say, new year, new me and mean it. but that doesn't have to mean that they have to be drastic changes. you don't have to wake up early in the morning and go to the gym and do something that you don't want to do. you can say to yourself that you'll go for more walks with your significant other or with your dog. do something that you really enjoy doing.

you can say you'll take more time for TLC. to care for your home more. to redecorate or make a space that is yours. to do something that makes you happier.

maybe you'll save some extra money. get ahead on your bills. you'll try out the gym even, but if you don't enjoy it, find an alternate route. make this year a healthy year, but don't kill yourself doing it. make realistic goals.

when this all happened to me the only way that i was allowed to say, new year, new me was if i went to the gym and lost some pounds. now, i know what that actually means. take this year to find yourself again, get healthier in a different mindset. do something that you love. take time to actually sit down and enjoy your coffee.

personally, 2018 has brought struggles that i didn't know existed. having relapses even though i thought i was healed, struggling mentally with so many things going on and more. but 2018 has also brought me so much happiness that i had no idea i was capable of enduring. meeting new friends that have happened to be my people, getting engaged and planning a wedding. getting a house. buying a car. adopting a dog. all of these things were things that literally made this year a new me. i feel like i have grown up.

for 2019 i plan on enjoying the wedding planning phase with justin, because before i know it, it'll all be over and i'll be married. i plan to not stress out about bills-- because bills mean that i have a lot of things that 21 year olds don't. i'll enjoy my dog, even though he breaks things, he has been the biggest blessing. while this is a new year, i don't really want there to be a new me. because i like me. i like what i have going on. i'll make goals, but this year i don't want to change much.

i hope that everyone has a very happy and safe new year and if you feel you need change, i hope that you find the change that you really need to become a happier you. here's to making 2019 the happiest and healthiest year!




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