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meet my bride tribe


this post is dedicated to everything you need and want to know about the best girls around. my bride tribe. :)

i am so very excited to have all of these girls as a part of the very most important day of my life. these girls all play a very special role in my life and i couldn't have picked better ones than these ones. all five, they are all so special to me.

so, without further ado, the introductions.

matron of honor--- alyssa riley

one of my newest besties; she is filled with the most sunshine i have ever encountered. she makes everyone smile from the second that she is with you up until you leave. she definitely knows a thing or two about weddings, having been married herself for two years now. she has her own business here in Charlevoix as a massage therapist, Tranquility Massage and Bodywork, at the spa downtown behind subway! go check her out. between all of our girl talks, dealing with drunk boys, playing with the pups and the kitty, camping, baking, cuddling, she definitely is the best girl for the job. you'll love her juuuustttt about as much as i do.

next up,

maid of honor--- kaitlyn wojan

one of my many sisters; the oldest. the one that always gave me my bottle when i was younger, played dolls with me (along with all other sisters), snuck me out to breakfast, drove me to school, and the one who made me put orajel in her mouth, among all other things. she's a unique soul and there is nobody else like her. she gave me a niece and made me a titi. she has a killer job in Petoskey at McLaren doing trauma registering and makes enough to support me, too! (kidding). i love this woman.

#3 out of the 5

bridesmaid--- brooke baker

my sister, my roomie, my soul sister. my bestie and my favorite wisconsian. the second oldest of the four of us, she rocks my socks. the one that told me to drink my spit when i was thirsty. i've never gotten along better with anybody in my life than this one. fun fact; i used to stay at her house when she still lived here in Charlevoix every day during the summer and she would make me a lot of creamer with some coffee. she took me to freshman orientation. she works out in Wisconsin waiting tables, and taking care of her sweet pup, Cora Belle. no, she won't be bringing her to the wedding.

we're close!

bridesmaid--- shawna coyne

the third oldest sister and the last one older than me. she can make just about anybody laugh with her own language that she speaks. she's the one i get in the most trouble with, but that's only because she's always being adventurous. ask her, she'll go anywhere. she also made me an aunt x2 to a sweet little boy. she's such a good momma. he WILL be at the wedding stealing your girls. she is a stay at home mom with her fish (that she hates), dog and her cute lil baby. once, her and patricia made kool-aid and didn't tell me they put vodka in it and i drank it. all. she's always up for a good time, but has a good heart.

last but NOT least!

bridesmaid--- sophie lynskey

she's like my high school sweetheart, but best friend version. i could not have made it through high school without her. i have carried on such a special bond with her and i'm unsure of where i would be in life without that bond. she's such a funny person and so scared of not so scary things and mild salsa. her family is my family and they are also british, which is pretty cool. she left me to go to michigan state to pursue her life dreams, though i'm proud of her, i miss her. ask her to do her british voice when you see her!

now that you all have somewhat of an idea of what they are like or even know these girls, i hope you're as excited as i am to have them in the bridal party to make this day even more special. you'll definitely see how different their personalities are and how different their special relationships are to me.



ps. i posted my first recipe blog! check it out.


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