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hi & welcome

i feel like i've done this before. started a new blog, posted my thoughts, etc. BUT, nothing like this! i finally got the nerve to make my own website! justin always tells me im super stingy with money. i get it from my dad, what can i say? but, justin, you'd be proud-- i spent money for my own website.

anyway, welcome! this is much more than my other "blog" on tumblr. this is everything i have wanted. i have different categories throughout my blog (wedding, life, our house and recipes) for all of the things that i am inspired about and love to talk about, so stay tuned for those, because i'm excited.

i just wanted to do a quick welcome post on my neeew website for all of you to look at and explore. justin asked me when i made this, "are you going to be on this now a lot more now that you made your own site?" and the answer is, yes! (hopefully). there are much more blogs that are going to be coming out of me, i promise. but, there is a lot going on this week and my next post requires a little bit of time to get it all together.

i'm so excited and a little nervous to put my own creativity out there, but i hope you all love it as much as i do. it's a work in progress, but im getting there.

so, enjoy!

ps. please say some prayers for my family this week, we really need them.




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