• Carli Perkins

family estrangement

this is for alllll of you who struggle from this.

this happens a lot more than we'd like to see. families not talking to other parts of the family or family taking sides which causes distance. sooo many different things can cause this.

being from a family that this tends to be a trend, i can say that sometimes it really is just not easy. i mean.. could you imagine your mom not wanting to talk to her child? or imagine her making things up and texting them to you to make YOU feel as though you're the one at fault for the estrangement? or any family member actually! it isn't ever easy having family members like this and or being put in the situation to be the middle man.

estrangement can come from differences within the family that you have created and the family you were given. it can come from disagreements. it can even just come from people not being good people. and even sometimes, you can choose to walk away from the people that hurt you. to not allow yourself to be put in the situation of getting hurt anymore and that doesn't make you a bad person.

a lot of people don't walk away enough when they should because of the word family. yeah, family is family. and family is forever and i wish no one had to choose what to do with that. but sometimes you get blamed for the estrangement, and that is OKAY because you did what was best for you.

you sometimes can't really pinpoint why your family has chose to estrange you and leave you, but you know that it's hard sometimes. sometimes big things happen and you want that person(s) there. sometimes you long for them in your life again. and sometimes you accept the fact that they aren't coming back. or the fact that you just can't go back to that.

this is such a sloppy and all over the place post-- totally not my style! but with the holidays coming up i know that it is hard to grasp the concept of family estrangement. i, myself, have to go through this too. i have for a few years now. except i see those people and it. is. hard. to know they chose to walk away from you. to know that you had to walk away because of the toxicity they were bringing. but i just wanted to let anyone know that is going through this, that you're not alone!

family is people who love you.




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