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i'm back. better than ever. just kidding. i only say that because i am typing on my new iMac. i am in love with this beautiful piece of technology. for as long as i can remember i have always wanted a desktop version of my MacBook Pro. there is just something so sleek and professional to the iMac. i remember going to Best Buy with my dad once and looking at these and saying, "hey dad, let's get one of these." his response being, "no. i don't know how to use them." figures.

any-who. off topic. i wanted to get on here and share my very first blog to the "home" category! what better than to talk about how i got my dream room/space on a carli budget. because i am a penny pincher.

so, when justin and i moved into this home as soon as i heard 3 bedroom my mind immediately went to "makeup room." i have always wanted a room just dedicated to my hobbies, so that's what i went with. but, slowly it turned into wanting it to be half business, half makeup. i started this website and i knew that i wanted a desk to work up the work side. i went back and forth for months about whether or not to just buy one. but i just couldn't.

justin was buying everything that he had wanted for his room and i wasn't. ultimately i felt as though my space was never going to happen. so, one day i just said i was going to do it. i set a budget of about $400 and i started purchasing things that i didn't only need, but wanted. it's not completely done, but i know we'll come in either under budget or right on.

i can't really say much for how much the makeup desk and the little bench that i have in my room. i got that for Christmas about two years ago from my dad. but, it is the Ikea HEMNES. all of Ikea's stuff is a little on the pricy side and is definitely a commitment. but, whatever makeup desk that you have in mind or already own will be just fine. after all, this is your space!

next, when i did decided to finally buy my desk, i bought the Manhattan Open Computer Desk from Hayneedle. this desk is actually on the cheaper side and it is pretty chic looking. at around $80-- this desk gave me all the vibes that i was looking for.

i always knew that i wanted a pink fuzzy chair to go along with all of my white desks to accent them. after about 100 websites searching high and low for the perfect chair at a decent price, i found mine on Amazon. it is called the Shaggy Dog accent chair. i am in love with it so far. especially since it only cost about $68 and it comes in different colors.

when it comes to painting, you can choose whatever color your heart desires. maybe you don't even want to paint, perfect! but, i did. my house came with gross neutral colors in it and that wasn't me. i went with the same grey that we used to paint our bedroom with. tip: always save your paints especially if you think you'll never use them again! they'll come in handy when you get a spur of the moment wacko thought thinking you're a painter. i used a grey called "half moon crest" from Benjamin Moore. it cost about $43 per gallon. my dad is pretty handy and keeps brushes, etc on hand. so those weren't much.

last of the "big" things. aka, the things that really make your room. the iMac. like i said, i have always wanted one of these and i figured what better time than now when i have this amazing website and am trying to blog all the time. this computer can typically run about $1,200 on Apple. but i went to Best Buy because they have the special financing. there this computer is $1,099, but like i said, i went with the payment plans. right now they have a holiday special going on where if you spend over a certain amount on a high ticket item you can get 18 months financing instead of 12 months which really float my boat. i know i said that i have a budget of about $400, but to me the computer doesn't really count because i didn't purchase the whole thing at once. i am making small payments monthly. this is the exact computer i got here..

when it comes down to the little things that really make my space mine, it's the simplest things. i have some photos hanging that are personal to me and my life. i have a strand of white twinkle lights hanging above my computer desk that i got about 4 years ago. i'm assuming that this little strand of lights was no more than $15.

i also got a pink sheer curtain because i knew that was exactly what i wanted. i got my curtains from HomeGoods. they were $25 and are linked right here. they are a little more expensive on that site, but i also got them from HomeGoods, so. the curtain rod is similar to the one in the photo. i don't exactly remember which brand it is, but it did cost $15.

overall, there are a lot of little things that i do want to add. i do want to add a large area rug to cover the ugly carpet that is in the room. i want a comfortable storage bin that poses as a little chair as well and a storage cart for the overflow of makeup that i have.

i just really want to express how much you can change your room to be YOURS. you don't have to do it like i did. you can do it however you want. whatever budget you want. do whatever your heart desires to make this the space that you love to hangout in. where you go to escape. where your creative juices flow. or hey, even to sit and pay your bills. make it your own, whatever you do. let your expression flow in this project!

i hope you love it as much as i do and i hope your space makes you happy.




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