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bridesmaid proposals

hi, everyone.

i figured nothing better to post about than what every newly engaged girl struggles with most--- aside from all other wedding planning thoughts..

bridesmaid proposals.

from the second i got engaged to this moment, i have always thought about who would be standing next to me. my friends from high school? cousins? sisters? it has always been a long thought process for me. i don't like hurting people's feelings!


i think that i found the best bride tribe around. i'll introduce you to my girls in another post. this one is dedicated to the way that i asked my girls.

from searching Pinterest high and low, i finally found what fits me and my girls best. etsy was my go-to for all of the gifts! i originally just bought bridesmaid proposal boxes that were 5x5x5 with mugs in it that had their title and when you opened it, it said, "will you be my..." and then the girls would see their title on their coffee mugs! i got these from a shop on etsy called AccentedOccasions. they were at a good price and you can communicate with her about bulk prices and that does help cost wise as well. she includes your exact shipping total and everything you need to know. i will say though, her shipping and her lack of communication with me about her changing the dates about four times made me less than pleased. i ended up getting these in really good condition. the shipping boxing was really well put together to avoid damages and the boxes that you put the mugs in are really easy to assemble (boxes do not come with the shredded paper).

after thinking on it for awhile, i decided to add more gifts to the boxes, but that required bigger boxes. i found some tan 8x8x8 tan boxes made out of recycled products (saving the planet and giving my girls nice boxes? win) from a shop on etsy called leboxboutique. i really like them! they are easy to assemble and seem pretty sturdy. she shipped them to me the day after i ordered and i got them in two days. i just stuffed those with crinkle cut paper with shreds of glitter paper from Joann's!

next, i knew that i wanted to get mini bottles of champagne, but heeelllloooo, mini bottles of prosecco are $7 a bottle. no thank you. so, i went with something else that's delicious (and cheaper)--- barefoot rosé. i bought four little bottles of those because one of my girls does not like wine. so i went with a small shot of UV blue vodka because i know she likes that. i then tied those up with some thin blush ribbon that i also got from Joann's (that later on my dog decided to eat! :)). i then went on to purchase the gold party paper straws from a shop on etsy called EvesPartyMarket. highly recommend them as well. super cheap and shipped the day after i ordered! they came in an assortment of different white and gold patterns and i got 10 of them. i then put those in between the ribbon and the bottles. super cute.

afterwards, to make the boxes a little more personal for each girl, i printed off 4x4 photos of each girl and i that was my favorite photo and described our relationships perfectly. i wrote them each a little note on the back welcoming them to my bride tribe. :) to tie up each box my aunt, kristina, printed off their names with gold vinyl and we put those on the top of their boxes and i wrapped them up with gold see-through wired ribbon that my aunt got from Joann's as well!

all in all, each box was about $15 or less! i stuck to only two places to get everything i needed and they came out just the way that i wanted! i cannot wait to have these girls next to me on the greatest day of my life.

i hope this helps or inspires someone who is trying to get together a gift or doing their own bridesmaid boxes!





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