• Carli Perkins

being a nursing home employee


first off, no, i'm not a nurse or even a CNA at the nursing home. just an aide. i would say just an ordinary employee, but that's not true. see, every single employee at a nursing home or assisted living association all has an equal part in making their days anything but ordinary. we all have our own special ways to make their day which makes this job difficult, challenging, yet rewarding.

this is probably the most difficult job that i have ever had. i have only been here for three months but i can 100% say that this is the most rewarding job yet. yes, it tests my patience from the time that i walk in to the time that i walk out. i don't think that i have ever said, "just one minute" more than i do here. i think i say it literally about 1,000 times a day. i've been torn down by some that are losing their memory and don't know who to take the anger out on and i've also consoled those that are crying because they miss their family. i've helped some eat and have also gotten spit on. i have seen them at their most vulnerable and they trust me. which makes it all the most special to know that i am someone these people can confide in.

they ask me every time i'm at work, "how is wedding planning" or "how is your finace" or "how is your dog". but the most special is, "how are you? because you're special." all of the pain and the sacrifice that you give your life at this facility and to these people is much more meaningful than you realize. at the end of the day, you may think that was the longest shift of your life, but when i'm laying in bed, i know that there is no way that i would trade it for the world, because these people and the relationships that you build with them is amazing.

you are these peoples families. they need you and as much as you don't realize it, you need them. they understand you and when you end up spending all day long with them they become your family too. the people you spend holidays with, paint their nails, tell them what's going on in your life, and just to have someone there--- that means the most. hearing them tell you, "you know, you bring laughter to me every day," is what makes this job special. what makes it the most rewarding. you can't replace that feeling.

people refer to ANYONE that works at a nursing home facility as "buttwipers", but i can say, i am not. and that every single employee there is far from that. we are these residents confidents, their support for a bad day, their shoulder to cry on, their family, we are there. and they are there for us. i can't tell you how many hugs i get in a day from them. i have about 60 different relationships with all the residents and they are all special. you cannot replace that.

yes, the days are hard, long and some they feel impossible. but it is the most rewarding job. it is honestly God's work. every single employee is special for doing this work and i wouldn't trade it for the world. they say they are lucky to have us, but we're lucky to have them.




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