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HI. it's been so long..

it happened.. Justin and i got married! i didn't post much.. or really anything at all while planning the wedding. it was a lot to do with what seemed like a lot of time, but i was still finishing stuff two days before. whoops, totally me.

anyway, all of the planning really paid off because it was the most beautiful day and justin and i couldn't have asked for a better day to spend and share with everyone that we love. it is still so hard for me to believe that it has been one month already! i wish that we could go back to that day WITHOUT all of the planning. i have shared here and there what we used for vendors and some little details but i thought that i would just put it all together so that way i can relive this moment and if other people want to know-- here it is!

i'm going to start with the morning of because i seriously can't even believe this raaainnn that was going on that morning *insert eye rolling here*. i wasn't really nervous for the wedding itself i think just because justin and i have been together for so long. but this rain, man. i seriously did not think it was going to stop and i was not switching spots at our venue. this was my dream spot and i was not budging. it stopped raining one hour before i was supposed to start walking down the aisle and then started sprinkling right before our kiss at the end of the ceremony.. i'm taking that as great luck. the best luck. i couldn't have asked for a better day. we got ready at my granny's house on her sunporch which made for the perfect setting. we had breakfast and ALL of the coffee. it was such a good morning, i wish i could back and just get pampered the way that i did that morning and all the days leading up to it. because.. #princessday

i'm going to start with the book that helped me realize all of the things that i would have never thought of when it came to planning my wedding. like, did you buy your stamps? ha, the littlest thing that is on the veeerrryyyy back burner, yet so necessary.

i would recommend this book to any bride. it is a must have and i couldn't have gotten it done without it. it is The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer. it is linked here. seriously, any bride that i know that i am close to.. it'll be in your mailbox. also, The Knot's app! get it. it's cool to see your countdown and you can make your wedding website for FREE.

since we are talking about the small things, let's continue with the small things.

the linens! we were offered and provided standard white linens on all of the tables and white linen napkins from our caterer. but, i didn't want just white. i wanted them to be the standout of the table (aside from the flowers) so i chose blush table runners and linen napkins to match our colors. they were cheap and worked really great for one days use and i would recommend them. table runners linked here. linen napkins linked here. both table runners and linen napkins are in polyester and are "solid" in print. both from Wedding Linens Direct.

while we are on the tables.. we decided to put square mirrors on all tables as well and six on the head table. the mirrors were to put the flower centerpieces and candles on. we found these for cheap as well online. i'm not exactly sure where we purchased these from so i found the same ones around the same price here. we got them in 12" (i think) but they have multiple different sizes. the candles we purchased were little tea light candles already in the glass holder from Micheals.

and for the sweetest part of the table.. ha, get it? the wedding favors. we did little goodie bags with hugs & kisses in them with little tags that said "carli & justin. september 6. 2019" i got the sheer white bags from amazon in counts of 100 so i bought two of those. linked them hereee. my grandma bought the chocolates in large quantities from Sams Club.. and with the extra kisses we had i scattered around the head table and with the extra hugs.. well i ate before they made it out of the house. the tags that we used my aunt Kristina made with her cricut. she bought blush cardstock and printed and cut them all out. so the bags were 100% DIY. whatever ways you can save money.. do it!

on to the bigger purchases and what i like to call.. my wedding brought to you from Etsy. they took all of our money in a good way. the things that we purchased from Etsy are also doubling as wedding house decorations now and i live for it. so technically they weren't just for one day whereas other purchases were. also, make sure that you check the time that it is supposed to be shipped and delivered before you order so you know that it will be there before the event!

so, we got two boards from different stores on etsy. we got one for the ceremony for when guests would walk in they would see it. instead of doing the traditional guest book, we decided to do a board so that it could always be displayed for us to be able to see and remember. they were on the pricey side but i wouldn't have skimped on those anyway.

our ceremony board is from SimplyTimelessEvents and it is linked rigghtttt here. we got it in 18x24 in dark walnut. we would have gone up one more size to the 24x36 but they didn't have it at the time that we ordered. but the 18x24 was still just as great! it is now sitting by the fireplace for decor.

our guest board is from ByMeSherrieMarie and it's here. we got it in the size 12x16 with the inclusion of the small sign that says sign our guest board. we got it in the dark walnut stain with a cursive font. we have that by our counter as decor.

for the little things like our cake topper, the ring bearer signs, flower girl buckets, and our seating chart templet.. all etsy and all cheap. i used the same store for my shower cake topper as well so i knew that i would already like it. the ring bearer signs turned out great as did the flower girl buckets. those were a little smaller than i imagined but it still worked out. our seating chart i got printed out at office max and it worked out perfectly. besides a little cutting and filing. oops lol. cake topper linked here. ring bearer signs HEREE. and here. we got two from the same store. flower buckets here. we got the small size and both ring bearer signs and flower girl buckets were with the twine. our seating chart templet is here. we did the vertical version. OH and i got my hair piece from etsy as well.. it was seriously my favorite part of my look beside my dress. linked right here and i got the gold one.

now for the best part! the large parts that seriously made the whole day. i wouldn't have changed anything that we did because everything went so perfect.

let's start with the venue.. literally heaven on earth. Castle Farms. i literally cannot with how perfect this day was because of how beautiful this venue is. it has been my dream wedding since i could WALK to get married at the castle. and well.. my dream came true. thanks to my dad! he did pay for it and i am forever grateful. i can't rave enough about everything that went into it making it go so smoothly. in other great news, you get a venue coordinator two months before your wedding to ensure that everything goes perfectly down to the time that you have your freakin shoes on by the way. you also get an assistant coordinator for the rest of the night. so you have someone there from the second you walk into the door to the second you leave. you get greeted to "abby your bride is here." BRIDE. yes. our coordinator was abby by the way. GREAT. highly recommend she was fantastic and sooooo so so sweet. AND they call you the next morning to say congratulations. ooookkaay. and they'll also call you to tell you that someone packed up their table numbers that you rented and they need them for a wedding that day. oops, thanks Kris! anyway. again, i cannot speak enough about how great they are. i love barn weddings and all, that's what i planned for. but i am so glad to i went with my dream. i'll link their website here incase anyone wants to check it out!

the caterer is another story. only the best place in all of Charlevoix. we may be biased because we eat here like 20 times a week it feels. Grey Gables.. ugh the best food. my only regret from this night is that i did not eat enough of allll the foods. katie our catering manager was the best. it also helps that we know her personally. we had such great help from the minute that we booked with them. the sweetest staff, super efficient and they def know what they are doing. i'd also ask for the chardonnay chicken. ahhhhhhhhh. their website is here and you can also find them on Facebook!

next up. KIM WAY JONES ya'll. holy, what a woman. she was our photographer and i knew from the second we got engaged that i had to have her. she did my senior photos in high school so i knew i'd feel comfortable with her doing all of it. comfortable with her and comfortable with the fact that we would get nothing but pure quality. her turn around time for wedding photos was about 2.5-3 weeks which is GRRREAT. we got 1,300 pictures back, ALL edited in this new beautiful gallery. ugh, i look at them about a trillion times a week. she was so good with getting everything together, we chatted about a week before via phone call about the schedule for the day and she told me her opinion on things running smoother to get better pictures. definitely experienced. she's also so sweet and the funniest. she's just the best all around. we will definitely be keeping her around for all photo sessions to come. Always Photographic is her business name and the website is here and she also has Facebook page! let these pictures also speak for themselves.

the DJ. we used one of the castle's top vendor picks because we weren't slacking on the music part. no wayyyy. we went with Rusch Entertainment and we got Corey Rusch as our dj. he was great! the music didn't stop and we all had a blast. he called me about a week before the wedding to make sure that everything he had was correct to what i wanted. he made sure he was pronouncing names correctly in the bridal party and kept asking throughout the night if i needed anything and if everything was okay. he was great! i'd definitely keep recommending their family and business for weddings.

our dessert and officiant..

dessert... the best. we did Scovie's Gourmet here in chx.. i worked there and loved/love their desserts so i knew that is what i wanted to do. we decided to do just a small cut cake, two small tiers. our flavor was a white and chocolate marble with white chocolate mousse. it was a "naked" cake so it was only slightly frosted. we did a lot of cupcakes as well. we did red velvet & cream cheese, carrot cake & cream cheese, chocolate & pb buttercream, and we did the cake flavor as well. that cake table was sooo beautiful, vi did the best job!

our officiant was a cousin of ours, greg. he is a minister in Ohio and is legally able to marry people as well. having family do it was such a special aspect to our day and i would recommend adding family into doing it if you can. if not, i totally get it, but it was all the more special. he added such a personal touch to the day by contacting us to get each others perspectives and hearing our stories. the vows were personalized to us and it just adds a layer of something even more special.

florist and hair & makeup.

our florist was Petals. kari did the best job doing everything that i could have imagined. i showed her our pictures and she delivered 1000% everything that we wanted. we rented our urns for the ceremony that were then moved to the reception area. we also rented our centerpiece vases. they were short, medium sized square vases and they looked perfect with our mirrors. we did every other table with full centerpieces of roses and greens, to others with just greens, babies breath and blush rose petals on the table. so beautiful.

hair and makeup was through MI Day Beauty. Julie and Rylee were beyond. they have so many years experience i showed them pics for half a second and they nailed it. they are so sweet and so funny that it was almost like they could have joined our bridal party that's how well we all got along. they knew exactly what to do with my girls that matched their skin tones and eye colors. what worked well for their hair. my makeup lasted ALL day and plus it was still on in the morning. my girls and i did airbrush and it was so flawlessly looking that it didn't look unnatural either. they're a newer business with tons of reviews so give them all the love.

now quite possibly my favorite part of the day.. the menswear, bridesmaids dresses and well.. my dress. *heart eye emojis* i cry just thinking about it.

the menswear we got from Petoskey Bridal. the men just rented their tuxes.. they had a grey tux and vest with an ivory button up shirt, black shoes and blush bow ties with a stripped pattern. i don't recall 100% what kind it was but it was a slim pant aspen heather grey tux. it looked SOOO good on all of the guys no matter their body type. my dad got the same one but with a designed blush tie. they all said that they were comfortable beside the fact that the room got warm with all of the bodies there.

my girls got their bridesmaid dresses from a website my grandma stumbled upon.. it is called jj's house. website with their exact dress linked here. they got it in pearl pink and it matched exactly to the blush color that we chose. the girls said they were comfortable and they were pretty cheap as far as some bridesmaids dresses go. they looked soooo good on the girls i can't stand it. so beautiful and they were so tan. (by the way. spray tans from Janaye at J-Luxe a salon.. YES). i wouldn't have changed the dress that i chose for anything. they paired their dress with little strappy nude heels from davids bridal alyssa found on amazon.

now. my dress. my dress is off getting cleaned and preserved and writing this has me in my feels about it. i miss it. SO beautiful. so we went shopping to a whole bunch of different places all in one day. and let me tell you, alyssa warned me about how tiring it is. it's exhausting. i happened to find my dress the first place we went to throughout the day and it was about the fourth dress i tried on. i didn't like it at first but the second i saw it on i knew it. they say you just get that feeling and i didn't really believe it.. but you get it. you know. it was the cutest little boutique in traverse city called To Have & To Hold TC. it was over my budget but it was everything i wanted and i knew i had to. will post a picture of the day i bought now that it's over!

this day was one for the books and i wish i could do it every single year. but, my bank account cannot afford all that. i seriously lived out my pinterest wedding dreams. i hope that this post helps new brides with something.. anything! i hope it gave you inspiration to get planning. it's a lot of work.. but it's for the best day ever. YOUR day. so don't let anyone tell you that they would have done something different because you planned it for you and your husband in mind. you made it yours. and this day was ours. it was perfect and all of the details that went into it made it what it was. so, let the new brides get planning and enjoy all of the small.. annoying details :) to everyone that came.. thank you for coming and sharing our day with us. it would have been nothing without all of you! you're all so special. we love you!


carli perkins

ps. welcome me back to my site because it has been missed. plus the UPDATE. hi again friends, i've missed you.


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